Audit Report
Enhanced Society Smart Contract Audit

# Introduction

iosiro was commissioned by [Enhanced Society]( to analyse a pull request to identify potential functional and security flaws introduced into the codebase. The analysis was conducted between 24 May 2018 and 25 May 2018.

# Description

The pull request was performed on a fork of the popular TokenMarket [ICO Smart Contract Package]( The codebase provides a boilerplate of smart contracts for projects wanting to launch an ICO.

# Scope

The scope of the analysis was limited to changes made in PR [#1]( The specific commits are listed below.

* [Documentation & Whitelist Crowdsale Updates](

* [Whitelist Crowdsale yml](

* [More Updates to Doc](

* [More Updates to Doc](

* [Updates to populus.json for ropsten network](

* [More Doc Updates](

* [More Doc Updates](

*Note: Only the code changes made by Enhanced Society detailed in the links provided above were analysed. The rest of the forked codebase was not assessed.*

# Analysis

A comprehensive list of changes to the smart contracts in scope is given below.

* Changed the crowdsale fallback function to call `investInternal(...)` in Crowdsale.sol rather than throwing. This allows participants to send ether directly to the contract and receive tokens, instead of having to call the `invest(...)` function to purchase tokens.

* Added functionality that required `msg.sender` and the token receiver address to be added to a whitelist before being able to contribute to the ICO. Only the crowdsale contract owner could call the whitelist functions.

# Findings

No functional or security flaws were identified during the analysis.

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